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Sample Post

This is a sample post

Markdown is the most popular markup language that can be used to format documents. It can be used to create websites,ebooks,email,chats in discussions forums.


  1. Paragraphs

    MD expects a full line space to show texts in a different line else it joins text in the same line.

  2. Text decorations

    MD can write bold texts, italiic italic texts

  3. Headings No of #'s represent the type of heading. Github will automatically add id's to headings, so the text will be automatically linked.

    This is h2

    This is h3

  4. Links

    My Github account.[Bhupendra][1] github repo.

  5. Images Images can be used just like links. ![Alt txt](img url)

    "cat Img"

  6. Ordered and Unordered Lists

    Coding Best Practices:

    • Keep code DRY
    • Writing Unit Test cases
    • Checking cross-browser support

    Steps to merge branch:

    1. Create a branch from feature
    2. commit your changes
    3. push your changes
    4. raise a pull request
  7. Code Blocks

    This is super helpful when posting any code snippet

    const fn = () => alert('some fn');
    .hide {
      display: none;

    Also can show code difference

    var x = 10;
    - const counter = 0;
    + let counter = 0
  8. Tables

    Tables can be generated with headings and text alignment option

    YES Bank500

Cool Tips

  • Grammarly extension can eliminate typo and grammar mistakes
  • ScreenTOGif to record videos in GIF format
  • Upload GIF's to giphy to embed them into blog posts.
  • Stackedit for Markdown Editing in Browser.